You ARE beautiful

Hey beautiful,

(Yes, I mean you!)

You may not think of yourself as inherently beautiful. Compliments may make you uneasy and you may have a hard time believing yourself to be good, loveable, worthy to your core.
Your beauty can be difficult to identify, to pin down.
Your beauty is not based on your hair, or your clothes, or even how graceful you are.
Your beauty is so much deeper than your looks, it contains so much more than your body shape or your skin.

Your beauty shines from you in a thousand little ways.
It’s there in the small gestures you make when you’re excited or nervous.
It’s there in the belly laughs that burst from you when you let your guard down.
Your beauty can be found in your eyes, when they light up in a genuine smile, and when they flash as you discuss one of your passions.
It can be found in your peaceful face as you sleep, and the way your face crumples a little when you cry.

Your beauty is found in the gestures, reactions and expressions that are so authentically you, they highlight your uniqueness, your one of a kind presence.

These things that make you beautiful, they shine most when you’re not paying attention, when you get so caught up with life, you let your walls down, and live completely in the moment.

It makes sense, then, that the one person who rarely gets a chance to see your beauty is you.
It’s hard to see such a natural beauty when looking for it creates an artificial experience.
But trust me, it is there.
You are beautiful.
And you are most beautiful when you stop trying to be, when you get distracted out of that artificial experience of looking for beauty and enter the natural experience of being you.
Of being so beautifully, so authentically, so naturally you that your true self shines brighter than any star.

That is what makes you beautiful. That is what draws people to you. Your beautiful, authentic, amazingly unique, natural self.
Be proud. Be you. Be Beautiful.


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