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No two people are the same, so I tailor my therapy to meet the specific needs of my clients. I believe that each of us knows deep down what is best for our lives, and I empower you to define what you want and need out of your experience.

Life can get messy, difficult and chaotic, and it is so easy to lose connection with our true authentic selves. I will support you as you identify, communicate and make changes to become closer to the person you were born to be.

We all have roots of resilience within us, and the desire to grow. And at times, we all need someone to help shine the light on the strengths and skills we have within us, and support us in overcoming life’s challenges.

What I offer

I work with individuals of all ages, from age 12 and up (youth, adults, seniors).

My practice specializes in treating individuals, and I offer comprehensive services dealing with:

Holistic Work (Transpersonal Psychotherapy)

I work from a holistic perspective to support all aspects of client health and wellness. We’ll discuss physical health, emotional health, job satisfaction, relationships or parenting, cultural and community connection, spirituality or religion, etc. We are all whole and complex beings, and deserve to see ourselves as such.

Quality of Life/Wellness Therapy (working with Chronic Conditions)

When you are struggling with a chronic health condition, overwhelming stress
or making healthy lifestyle choices, it can feel frustrating and discouraging to keep going. We all know that making healthy choices will help us feel better. If just knowing what to do was enough, we would all be healthy, well-rested and perpetually happy. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case – lifestyle changes are hard. I will support you in discovering what thoughts, behaviours or beliefs might be standing in the way of making healthy changes. I can help you take steps in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or leave you feeling judged.

Stress and Trauma Therapy

Often when people think of trauma, they think of major events, like war, disaster or abuse. And definitely, those can be traumatic. However, trauma isn’t necessarily in the event itself, but in our reaction to the event. If an event in your life has caused you pain, fear, or anger and doesn’t seem to be going away, it can be helpful to get support in processing it. Chronic stress, as well, can be overwhelming for a person, which can lead to intense emotions, difficulty feeling calm or safe, and tense relationships (both with ourselves and others). Stress/trauma therapy is not about what’s “wrong” with a person, it’s about what happened to them.

Other topics I can support you with include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Intense emotions/feeling overwhelmed
  • Major Life Transitions
  • Identity exploration (finding your authentic self, exploring gender identity, sexuality, etc.)
  • Feeling stuck, unhappy or lost in life, career or school
  • Unresolved emotional pain (from childhood or more recent)
  • Bullying, job or school stress
  • Low self-esteem

My practice is 2SLGBT+ safe, and recognizes the negative impact that discrimination of all forms (subtle and overt) can have on a person’s health and wellness. I practice from a social justice perspective and work personally and professionally to understand my power/privilege and recognize the holistic impacts marginalized identities face systemically in Canada. If this is an area of importance to you, I invite you to use a free consultation to chat with and/or interview me and ensure this feels like a safe and supportive space for you to grow within.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
―Alexander Den Heijer

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