Sacred Spaces

4-Week therapeutic group incorporating meditation, spirituality, discussion, and somatic processing. 

Meditation * Spirituality * Meaning * Connection

One thing I have heard over and over from clients lately is their sense of dread and doom leading into the winter months. This time of year is always difficult, but this year the isolation and loneliness is even higher than it has been in the past.

Join me (Miranda Conley MA RP) and a group of likeminded individuals in finding meaning and connection in one of the darkest months of the year.

Sacred Spaces is a 4-week group for anyone wanting to develop (or create) their own spiritual practice to help support them through the difficult winter ahead. It will be a space for you to think about which aspects of spirituality you connect with, and find ways of adapting and building on your skills and insight to create a practice that works for you personally.

This group is geared towards individuals who are looking to develop an individual spiritual practice within their lives, and to connect with like-minded souls at the same time.  It will have a combination of in person exercises and discussion, as well as homework suggestions (activities, reflections, etc.) to complete throughout the week at your convenience.

Incorporating somatic practice, meditation, and discussion/reflection, this group is a unique opportunity to use spirituality as a means of healing – you will develop your ability to become your own self-healer. Spirituality can be a powerful healing tool, and allow us to find meaning in our pain, and move us towards feeling light and hopeful once again.

Please note that while somatic practice and meditation can be incredibly healing, if you are experiencing significant impairment in your daily life due to trauma and find it triggering to sit with body sensations, this group may not be a fit for you. If you are unsure whether this fits for you or not, please reach out and we can discuss. 

Group Details:

  • Group will run Monday evenings in January 2021, from 6:30-8:30 pm.
  • Dates of Group sessions are: January 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2021
  • Cost of Group: $60.00 + HST ($67.80 total) This price is for the entire group, not each individual session.
  • This is a closed group, meaning participants can sign up for the entire four sessions, and it will be the same members in each week.
  • Sacred Spaces is online, and all clients from across Canada are welcome to join (with the exception of those in the province of Quebec)
  • For more information on my outlook and my work as a Registered Psychotherapist, feel free to visit my website or contact me.

Questions, comments or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

To contact Miranda, or to sign up for the group, please email or call 1 (705) 715-7096

Please note that this group will only run with a minimum of 8 group members. To reserve your space, payment (or a payment plan) must be made. 


Group Outline

Week 1: Sacred Spaces, Sacred Words

In this week, we will get connected through group meditation and discussion. Topics will include the words we use to talk about our spiritual beliefs, ways of connecting to our higher power, and how our spiritual beliefs intersect within our lives.

Week 2: Your Authentic Self in Spiritual Practice

This week, we will become more attuned to our own needs, desires and values when it comes to our spiritual practice. Through somatic practice, you will develop your ability to access your own inner wisdom, and use this to further develop your spiritual practice in your own home. You will begin to develop your own unique rituals/practice this week.

Week 3: Barriers and Breakthroughs

This week will focus on identifying and resolving barriers that make it difficult for you to have the practice that you wish. You will develop an understanding of your needs, and identify both internal and external barriers. Through guided meditation we will access your inner intuition to support you in finding solutions that work best for you.

Week 4: Living by Design

In this final week, we will bring together the pieces we have worked on and develop a plan that will support you in moving towards your goals. Creative planning will involve solutions to set you up for the most success, and creating a resource inventory for when you are struggling. We will finish with identifying ways of staying connected with the aspects of this group you found most helpful.

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