Choice Point

Here I am

Standing on the edge,

Backed up against the old

And anticipating the foggy future.

I can no longer be who and where

I once was

And I am not yet ready

For what will come.

Suspended between the two,

My limbs tingling with anticipation,

The weight of my power

Lies heavy on my shoulders.

I pause –

Unsure and uncertain

In this choice-point of my life.

The call of my truth

Has become too loud to ignore any longer

Yet I am still weighted down

By my armour,

Picked up throughout the years,

Protections that now add more harm than safety.

I have pain ahead of me, I know.

A fire, raging with chaotic heat,

And a cold, dark desert

To find my way though.

The next phase of my destiny,

Created for a warrior

With a loving energy,

Stands in front of me

Like rows of demons to concur.

And yet,

I know my sword will not help me here.

It is my heart, my light,

My truth and power

That are needed.

On the horizon,

Past the doomed wreckage

Of the grief-soaked land ahead

I can see the light of joy

Glistening, glowing,

Waiting to embrace me,

Sparkling with the promise

Of a future I have yet

To fully comprehend.

That is where I belong.

That is my reward.

That is where my heartsong leads me.

I take a breath,


And remember my why

Before taking a step downwards

Toward the grief ahead of me

And the hope that lies beyond.

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