Self-Care During Stressful Times

I had a beautiful conversation with a dear friend of mine yesterday. We were talking about lifestyle choices, and our struggle to eat the foods, move our bodies, rest, and organize our spaces in the ways that are most aligned with our values on a consistent basis. Through our conversation, I was able to verbalize my own thoughts around this...[ read more ]

6 Ways to Support Your Inner Child at Home

(Plus a music gift for your inner child!) Hi folks, this is a bit more vulnerable of a post for me to share, and I’m hoping that it will help at least some of you feel more seen, understood, or give you a few new tools to try and heal the wounded inner child inside you. Healing childhood wounds is...[ read more ]

The Uncomfortable Side-Effect of Self-Compassion That We Don’t Often Talk About

Self-compassion didn’t come easily to me, and if I’m fully honest, I still struggle with it at times. My brain is very creative (I can come up with incredibly imaginative worst-case scenarios) and over the years my head’s been a pretty awful place to live in at times. I’m so grateful for my own healing journey and how far I’ve...[ read more ]

How a yoga class changed the way I talk about healing

I’ve recently joined a yoga studio, as a way of honouring my own mind/body/spirit connection and supporting my holistic wellness. This has been a wonderful experience on many levels, and one yoga philosophy in particular has really impacted the way I talk about healing – so much that I’ve used it in sessions with clients multiple times since! Yin yoga...[ read more ]

Why I Don’t Tell Clients to Practice Self-Care (and What I do Instead)

As a psychotherapist in a private practice and a part-time professor at a local college, a great deal of my work centres around time-management, stress-management, and self-care. I have had conversations with students, colleagues, supervisors, clients, and my own therapists around self-care over the years, and to be honest, part of me has come to loathe when the topic comes...[ read more ]

5 Reasons your New Year’s Resolution Didn’t Work Out, and How to Change That

If you’re like me, and the majority (if not all) of my clients, you have good intentions for yourself and your wellness, but struggle sometimes with follow-through. We seem to enter each new year full of hope, dreams and ambitions…. but somewhere in the middle of January, something happens that often derails the process. If you’re still maintaining your New...[ read more ]

You ARE beautiful

Hey beautiful, (Yes, I mean you!) (more…)

What is Health and Wellness Counselling?

When you think of health and wellness, what comes to mind? So often people think of physical health, from weight to fitness levels, from diet to exercise. And this is definitely an important part of our wellness. When our bodies don’t feel healthy, it is often pretty clear that there is an issue. However, we often forget to include other...[ read more ]

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